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Stamping Out Diabetes

celebrating 100 years of insulin

Explore the history of diabetes research in a whole new way! Discover Banting House National Historic Site’s collection of commemorative stamps in celebration of the discovery of insulin.


insulin’s 100th anniversary commemorative stamp

Issued by Canada Post on April 15, 2021 this limited edition commemorative stamp celebrates 100 years since the Toronto Team’s discovery of insulin.

Dear Doctor Banting…

100 years of saving lives

“I owe you my life and I have no way to thank you. You had no way to know how your contribution to medicine would impact the world”.

Rachel Backlund

“I have decided this after my experience with Insulin for two and a half years it is about time for me to write a note of appreciation to you. If it weren’t for the fact that I have to take the medicine night and morning… I wouldn’t know there was anything the matter with me”.

W. H. Quirk (1925)

“It is the most important discovery of the century, and millions of people are saved because of this discovery”.

Dr. G

“I have been taking Insulin for more than a year and feel sure it has saved my life”.

Mrs. Joseph M. Johnston (1923)

Banting House National Historic Site

the birthplace of insulin

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